Being an Atheist Is Not a ‘White Thing’ and It’s Not a Bad Thing. I’m Proof of That.

Recently, I made a short documentary about African-American atheists as part of my master’s thesis project. During its development, I found out that many people didn’t even know that there were black atheists. As a result, showing that nonreligious blacks do exist became a focal point for the project. Though the project was completed, I am now looking for funding to turn this project into a full-length documentary because I want more people to receive this message.

Unfortunately, American media and culture have made “coming out” as a nonbeliever difficult. We deal with fear of rejection by our friends and family, and have to grapple with the knowledge that we’re looked down upon. My hope is that my story will convince other nonbelievers of color to come out about their skepticism, as well as correct some of the misinformation. The more we grow and find our voices, the more we can combat the misconceptions and prejudices about us.

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