With a Statue to Frederick Douglass, Blacks Have Their Say in What Freedom Means

There could have been no more appropriate place for a monument honoring Douglass than Rochester. In 1847 he chose the bustling city as the locus of his widespread abolitionist activities. The proximity of the city, long an important center of anti-slavery activism, to the Canadian border made it an ideal transit point for slaves escaping to freedom. Douglass published the North Star, his highly influential abolitionist newspaper, from this bastion of safety for his people. With the eloquence of his oratory, his striking personal appearance and a wrenching, firsthand account of bondage, he quickly emerged as one of the most electrifying voices to speak out against slavery.

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Do’s and Don’ts for Teaching About Ferguson 

Don’t be afraid to toss your existing lesson plan: “For some students, if we don’t talk about this, it will not be part of their memory of our country’s history. And for some students who will most certainly remember this time, we’ll have to explain why this particular event—and the tragic pattern in which it fits—that mattered so much to them was not worth our time, not considered educationally relevant,” David B. Cohen, associate director of the Accomplished California Teachers group, wrote in a blog post. In other words, whatever you had planned—which students are less likely to be talking about in 20 years—can probably wait.

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CeeLo Green: ‘People Who Have Really Been Raped Remember’

Sorry, but Green, you failed. For the record, drugging women and then admitting to it, isn’t going to garner you any new fans. Secondly, rape is rape, whether the person remembers it or not; whether they’re unconscious or coherent.

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The Black Workforce by the Numbers

Labor Day, widely considered to mark the unofficial last weekend of summer, is, of course, also an annual celebration of the contributions American workers make to society. What does the black part of that workforce look like? Here, according to BlackDemographics.com, the Department of Labor and other sources, are the numbers:

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Why Labor Day Should Be a Moral Monday

Fifty-one years ago, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. proposed a stimulus plan that would work from the bottom up, not from the banker down. He called for a massive reconstruction of America’s economic architecture. But King knew that such an undertaking would succeed only if it mobilized a broad and inclusive coalition of black people, poor and progressive white people, and working-class folks from every corner. In words that still ring true today, King said, “If the Negro wins, labor wins.”

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