Judge Rejects Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams Request to Throw Out “Blurred Lines” Lawsuit

Since last year, Gaye’s family has asserted that the song was a blatant rip off of “Got to Give It Up.” Ironically, it was Thicke and Williams who initiated the lawsuit in an attempt to block the family from filing their own. The lawsuit filed in September 2013, was met with the Gaye family’s countersuit

Article source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/TheRootRssFeed/~3/Tp2Z-jp-Iok/judge_rejects_robin_thicke_and_pharrell_williams_request_to_throw_out_blurred.html

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Chef Carla Hall Uses Kickstarter To Open Restaurant

She used the crowdfunding site, Kickstarter to raise the $250,000 needed to open Carla Hall’s South Kitchen in New York, NY by summer 2015.

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40,000 Ga. Voter-Registration Applications Are Still M.I.A.

In the ongoing saga of the estimated 40,000 voter-registration applications that went missing in Georgia, Brian Kemp, the secretary of state, initially said that he processed the missing applications and that the registrants (who are predominantly black and Hispanic) were now on the rolls and would be able to vote on election day.

Article source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/TheRootRssFeed/~3/frsUIqYxaRQ/judge_denies_petition_that_would_have_forced_georgia_to_process_missing.html

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Street Harassment Is a Problem—No Doubt—but Here’s Why That Video Didn’t Help the Debate

Acknowledging this, the video campaign’s creator, Rob Bliss, responded in a post that “we got a fair amount of white guys, but for whatever reason, a lot of what they said was in passing, or off camera,” or was ruined by a siren or other noise, according to Slate. The final product, he writes, “is not a perfect representation of everything that happened.”

Article source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/TheRootRssFeed/~3/NRM5erD-6iU/why_that_street_harassment_video_didn_t_help_the_debate.html

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Yes, the Harassment Video Has Its Problems—but Mostly, It Shows How Indefensible Street Harassment Is

But the effects of street harassment go far beyond anxiety and isolationism. Mary Spears, a mother of three, was murdered on Oct. 5, 2014, for refusing the advances of a man harassing her on the street. On Oct. 1, another woman had her throat slashed after, again, refusing a man’s advances on the street. Police say this was the second recent attack in that Queens, N.Y., neighborhood because of street harassment. And we all remember Elliot Rodger, who, after being refused by women he asked out, went on a murderous shooting spree at his Santa Barbara, Calif., university on May 23, 2014.

Article source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/TheRootRssFeed/~3/kobGcuQS8Js/video_shows_how_bad_street_harassment_is.html

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